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Smiles…Thanks to Special Formula!

Twins Reagan and Sydney are smiling thanks in part to their Prenan formula. These adorable sisters were born prematurely in February, and Prenan is especially formulated for premature infants like them. It helps to increase weight and rapid growth in infants with low birth weight. Don’t these sisters look wonderful?

Sometimes the standard, off-the-grocery shelf formula isn’t able to meet the nutritional needs of a medically fragile child, and a specialized formula is the key to helping them heal. Specialized formula can be extremely expensive, however, and so our Preemie & Special Formula sponsors have allowed us to bring special formula to children in need of that little extra helping hand.

One child in need of this “helping hand” is four-year-old Rena. This summer, Rena’s orphanage called for help when they thought she had an intestinal blockage. She was severely underweight and uncomfortable. After spending a month in the hospital, doctors felt Rena needed time in a healing home with some excellent nutrition to get her stronger, and so now Rena is one of the older children at Heartbridge.

Rena’s formula, Peptamen, is a nutritional supplement for children ages 1 to 10 suffering from compromised and impaired gastrointestinal function. Rena is putting a brave face on and trying to smile here, even though she isn’t yet used to Peptamen’s taste.

Val has Down Syndrome and a heart defect, and she came to our healing home in January, severely underweight at ten months old.

Val 1.16

The Heartbridge nannies gave Val a formula called Neocate which has really helped her to gain weight and find her irresistible smile!

Sometimes older children like Caitlin need special nutritional supplements, too.

Caitlin lives in our foster care program in Xiaoxian and drinks Nutren for complete, calorically-dense liquid nutrition. She is feeling much better since beginning Nutren and always seems to have a big smile on her face these days.

Formerly conjoined twins Harley and James from our Unity Initiative enjoy Wyeth Gold formula! We hope it keeps them feeling good until it is time for their next surgery.

Cornelius needed a very special formula indeed.  He was born with biliary atresia, a life-threatening liver condition, and experienced special digestive issues.

cornelius blue hat

A specialized formula called Progertimil with MCT oil contains a more readily absorbed form of fat as well as the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, & K. This formula helped Cornelius remain as strong as possible before his adoption.

Cornelius is now thriving at home in the United States with his family, who named him Collin. Collin’s parents tell us, “He has gone through extensive testing in preparation for a liver transplant and is followed closely by his team of doctors. Thanks to good medicine and good nutrition, he is doing well. Doctors have told us his disease is in a controlled place, and there is time for him to grow more and continue developing before doing a transplant.” We are so happy that we could help give Collin the helping hand he needed to join his forever family.

We hope these smiles show just how essential it is for medically fragile children like these to have the right nutrition!

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