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Smiles to Brighten a Monday

“A smile can brighten the darkest day.”  Unknown

What is the most oft heard comment when you ask someone what they wish for their children?   Most moms and dads will instantly reply, “I want my child to be happy.”

All of the volunteers with LWB have that same wish for every child in our programs as well.  Knowing that the kids we help are orphaned, and that so many live with so little, we wish for them a life that is filled with hope while they wait for a permanent family.  Through our programs, we try to bring as much joy as possible into every child’s day.  We want to share some of their special smiles with you today!  The happiness you see is a direct result of your help and kindness.

Tomorrow — June 1, 2010 — is International Children’s Day in China and other countries around the world. Please be watching for our exciting new “Sponsor a Child” program, which will kick off then!

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