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Smiling Matt


Little Matt was admitted to LWB’s Anhui Healing Home (AHH) when he was five months old. Born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and a hernia, Matt needed the extra care that our specially trained nannies could give him in the healing home. The AHH nannies went right to work to with a special feeding regimen and also to try and keep him happy so that his crying wouldn’t exacerbate his hernia. Within two weeks Matt had settled in well and decided that he really liked his “VIP” status! He became the resident “happy man.” and his caregivers were rewarded with smiles, giggles and cheerful babbling.


One nanny was so smitten, she asked to accompany Matt to the hospital for his surgery! In mid-March, Matt was moved to the hospital for his hernia and lip repairs. Both surgeries were successful, and in just a couple of days he had his nanny and the hospital staff laughing at his curiosity! He always seemed to be turning and twisting to see the goings-on around him in his hospital room. Matt went back to AHH to the TLC of his doting nannies. As his lip healed, he once again became Mr. Happy. We can just imagine Matt sitting in his walker, dancing to a little background music while wriggling, smiling and giggling. He also loved to be carried to the window to see what was happening in the outside world.


Earlier this summer Matt joined that “outside world” when he was discharged from AHH into LWB’s Foster Care Program. We are grateful that he was able to receive the care he needed to grow and thrive while at AHH, and we wish him the very best in his future!

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