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Snowed In in Anhui

As many of you may know, Anhui experienced a terrible snowstorm last week that affected 1.9 million people. Thousands of homes have collapsed, hundreds of thousands of crops have been damaged, and direct economic losses in the millions will be the result.

When we heard about the unusually early storm, we were naturally quite worried about the 14 children and their nannies in the Anhui Cleft Healing Home (ACHH) in Hefei. Were they warm enough? How would they make out without power?

When the storm first began and the power went out, the ACHH nannies were very concerned about keeping the babies warm enough. No one knew how long they would be without power. The nannies first moved all the babies to one room and covered them in a cozy stuffed quilts that were purchased last winter. With all the babies and nannies squeezed in the big room, the room was not really so cold. Although there was no light, the room was lit brightly by the thick snow on the roofs of the buildings and the roads. The nannies got pretty worried looking at the laundry piling up! Thirty hours later, the power came back on and things slowly returned to normal.

We’re glad that the residents of ACHH made it through the storm without too much trauma and know that they will be especially grateful for their heaters this winter!

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