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So Many Babies!

These past few weeks at LWB, we have been asked to take in five new babies. And when we say “new” babies, we mean “newborn”!  We give our hearts to each new baby in our care and do everything we can to help them get the care that they need. Some are doing well, and others really need every thought and prayer coming their way.

Christi inclubator

First, let’s talk about the babies in crisis. Baby Christi came to us this summer (see our blog, “Emergency Medical Treatment for Baby Christi“). Christi was born with a very rare birth defect which occurs in only 1 out of 10,000 births. Some of her internal organs were on the outside of her body, a condition called gastroschisis. She had surgery to close her abdomen and was doing well — almost well enough to be discharged — when she developed pneumonia. Christi is now back in the ICU.


Little Joe came to us over the weekend, surprisingly with the very same rare need as Christi — not one that we see very often.  However, Little Joe was in even worse shape than Christi as he had probably waited longer to be found. Little Joe was rushed to the hospital for medical care.  His treatment is going to involve two procedures.  First, the exposed organs are going to need to be lowered back into his abdomen, and then his abdomen will need to be closed.  Little Joe has a long road to recovery ahead of him.  We named him “Little Joe” in honor of someone special…and in the hopes that he will one day grow into “Big Joe”!

Joe9.14Little Joe

Emmerson was found with what were thought to be burns on her leg.  However, doctors now believe she might have a rare genetic skin condition instead.  This could be a very serious diagnosis, but the good news is that Emmerson rallied over the weekend and has no new skin breaks or signs of infection.


Cohen was one of two tiny preemies who were found recently.  Cohen’s body temperature was very low and he was having difficulty feeding.  He is going to stay in the hospital for awhile to get special care for premature babies to help stabilize his feeding and bring up his weight.  He seems to be a curious boy and was awake in every photo we saw.  Yesterday, we were thrilled to see him finally looking peaceful in his sleep!


The last baby we want to share with you is lovely Vivienne. Vivienne is the tiny preemie who was taken to the hospital shortly after she was found weighing just 1.3 kg, or less than 3 pounds.  At the hospital she was placed on a ventilator.  Vivienne continues to struggle with eating and putting on weight and will need to stay in the hospital longer than expected. Vivienne has not been a fan of the bright lights in the ICU and has been saving her energy for sleeping and growing.  Imagine our relief to see her awake and smiling in this photo!


Each one of these babies will require close medical attention before they are able to be discharged.  We are honored to be able to care for them and give them the opportunity for hope and healing.

Please consider visiting our Medical sponsorship page to make a donation in any amount to the care of these precious little ones.  Without the generosity of our supporters and people who care what happens to these little ones, we would never be able to commit to their care!

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