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So Much To Be Thankful For!

My kids have given me so much to be thankful for. Of course, I am thankful for the normal things that all mothers are thankful for, but I am also thankful for some things that have come wrapped in different ways than I may have expected.

I am thankful for temper tantrums because it helps me remember that all of us have bad days now and then. We need to give each other some grace and mercy.

I am thankful for hungry tummies because it helps me remember that some children in this world go to bed hungry every night and there is something I can do to help alleviate that.

I am thankful for fighting kids because the ugliness of it helps me remember that it is so important for all of us to try to treat each other with kindness.

I am thankful for ‘time out’ because…well…sometimes I need one.

I’m thankful for messes because there was once a day that I thought my home might be empty, clean and quiet forever.

My kids keep me constantly reminded of the simple things in life. They really are the things that bring unexpected wonder. A pine cone on a woodsy trail, a bug climbing on the wall, a worm on the sidewalk after it rains, the way the sun makes pond water shimmer like diamonds.

I am thankful for the giggles and belly laughs that burst out of them at the smallest things. I am amazed at their capacity for love, despite having been dealt some less-than-perfect circumstances. Their sweet little arms around my neck bring a delicious feeling of warmth that no amount of money could buy. Whose heart wouldn’t melt when a little face presses itself against your leg and says, “You’re the best Mom in the world”?

I’m thankful that I didn’t miss out on the miraculous little lives that surround me each day. The highs and lows of parenthood are weaving together to make a beautiful tapestry, and because of my children, I am so very blessed.

Karin Prunty, our guest blogger for the day, is the Shunyi Foster Care Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries. She lives in Michigan with her husband, Jeff. They have 10 children, two adopted from the United States, one adopted from Guatemala, and seven adopted from China.

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