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So Thankful for Mothers

Today is Mother’s Day, and what a perfect time to celebrate everything that mothers do for us! The children in our foster care programs have wonderful foster moms who play such important and loving roles in the lives of these little ones.

They help them ring in the new year, and learn that almost anything makes a great drum!

Foster moms celebrate with them when they take their first steps….

and teach them how to get dressed and feel pretty or handsome!

They’re experts at generating curiosity and enthusiasm to try “big kid” skills.

Foster moms put children on their laps and pass along a love of reading…

and share in the joy of discovery.

Many of the foster mothers in our programs have more than one child in their care…double the joy!

They teach foster siblings how to share and play together…

…and to smile for the camera.

This foster grandmother in Guizhou keeps her babies safe and warm by caring one on her back and one in front!

Foster moms make sure the children in their care get the nutrition they need and lots of great eye contact while they are being fed.

They provide and encourage the children to eat healthy snacks as well!

Foster moms share simple, peaceful moments…

and silly fun.

They teach by example that laughter can sometimes be the BEST medicine!

We wish the happiest of Mother’s Days to ALL types of mothers, ones who are forever and ones who pour their love into a child to give them the best start in life. We are so very thankful for the many selfless and loving foster moms who care for children around the world!

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