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Social Skills at BIM Huainan

It is only a few yards between home and school, yet those few yards can make a world of difference!

Our Believe in Me Huainan, Anhui students leave home and enter a school environment that strives to achieve many goals including a focus on learning, providing creative stimulus, and developing positive relationships with peers and teachers.

From the quarterly reports we gauge the learning progress. We are privileged to receive photos of our sponsored students having school fun as with the Rice Ball this past winter. The BIM Huainan program also provides instruction time for developing constructive social skills that give the children a sense of confidence to interact and create ones own identity.

Social skills are also boosted when the older children assist with the younger children. A sense of purpose is witnessed by our teachers when a student takes the hands of younger students and leads them to the classroom from home. The student who helps a special needs student to the toilet develops responsibility. Taking the time to comb and fix a younger girl’s hair defines the kindheartedness and trust of an older student among the other children.

It may only be a short walk home from school but the social skills cultivated, encouraged and emphasized in the BIM Huainan School will travel far in the lives of our students. Thank you to all our sponsors for your trust and benevolence in the students.

Karin Cooper is on the education volunteer team for the BIM, Huainan Anhui. She’s a college professor and lives in Southern California with husband Craig, and daughter Bailey, 6, adopted from Huainan, Anhui.

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