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Little Song is a beautiful six-month-old baby boy who was just beginning to explore the colors of his world when he was diagnosed with retinal blastoma last month.  This is a rare, fast-growing cancer of early childhood that can affect one or both eyes. When diagnosed and treated early, it is highly curable. However, without prompt intervention, the cancerous eye(s) may need to be removed to prevent the cancer from spreading to the brain or bone marrow. Song had to have his right eye removed.


Through one of our wonderful LWB friends, we were able to contact a foundation in Hong Kong. They feel that Song’s cancer is completely treatable and have offered to help cover some of his expenses. In the meantime, an adoptive family who had adopted a child with this same condition heard about Song and started spreading the word about him.  Their child is a daily reminder of how treatable this type of cancer is, and so they have committed themselves to helping Song.  They have generously agreed to match donations received dollar for dollar up to $2,500–half of what Song needs!   By doing this, the full $5,000 needed for Song will be raised. Donations may be made at http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/SponsorMedicalChildDetail.cfm?child_id=458&mc_id=101.


Thanks to all of the people and prayers being sent Song’s way, we hope that he will have a bright future to look forward to!


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