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Song’s Story

I have been waiting anxiously for a new photo of Song to share with you. Look what just showed up in my inbox. I was so excited to see his little face again!!!!

Song is an 18 month old little boy that had Retinal Blastoma (cancer in his eye). Our wonderful sponsors provided testing and surgery to remove his eye and follow-up testing to make sure the cancer had not affected his other eye. We placed a request to raise funds for him on the website for $5000, which normally would take some time to raise. The outpouring of love and concern for Song was AMAZING. He was funded in just a few days. WOW!!!!

I just received a new report about Song. He is doing well, is walking, and is reported to be “lovely”. I would have to agree with that. All the exams on his remaining eye have been normal. He has an artificial eye right now that is flat on the back. They chose that type of artificial eye to conserve money since it will need to be replaced frequently as he grows. We have asked to have him fitted for a round eye so that his eye orbit will grow and be shaped properly, giving it a more normal appearance.

The best news is that his adoption file will be submitted in early September. He will receive a medical exam soon to finish up his paperwork and at that time will have his eye examined again.

Thank you so much to all of the sponsors who played a part in his story. I have never worked with a child that was funded so quickly and to whom such concern was shown.

Soon his file will be at CCAA, and he will appear on the Waiting Child Lists. This adorable little guy will hopefully find a family soon. I feel very hopeful that Song’s story is going to have a happy ending!

Melissa Tourville is the General Surgery Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries. She lives in Southwest Missouri with her husband Jason and their four sons.

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