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Sonny: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Sonny is a quiet little boy who was in desperate need of help. When we received his echocardiogram, we were not hopeful that heart surgery would be an option because of the seriousness of his diagnosis. Sonny had Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV), a VSD (hole in the heart) very close to his aortic valve, pulmonary stenosis (PS), and Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). That is a lot of things to be wrong in such a little heart, and Sonny was very blue. But we sent him to a cardiac hospital in Shanghai to get another opinion.

When Sonny arrived at the hospital, he had a terrible chest infection and needed to be treated for that. As the infection started to get under control, we started seeing his adorable smile, which was usually associated with meal time; Sonny loves to eat. The hospital did another echocardiogram and said there may be hope. Then they did a heart catheterization, a procedure that allows the doctors to take pictures inside the heart using a camera threaded through an artery in the leg, giving them the best possible information on the child’s individual heart structure and anatomy. After the heart cath, the doctors were even more hopeful.

We usually do not move children for surgery until they are fully funded, but Sonny’s chest infection was finally under control and the sooner he received surgery the better. So we moved forward, and Sonny had his surgery and is recovering very well. We are hoping Sonny’s surgery can be fully covered so we can accept another child in need of help into our program. We would welcome any and all sponsors to help us cover Sonny’s surgery!

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