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Sophie Needs Your Help!

Sophie needs your help!

I would like you to meet Sophie, a beautiful 5 year old from Yugan SWI in Jiangxi. Due to a serious birth defect which affects her digestive system, she is only able to tolerate formula and small amounts of rice cereal. Sophie wants to eat regular food like her friends, but when she tries even a small bowl of noodles, she has a severe stomach ache and turns pale. The orphanage is worried about her nutrition and overall health. They took her to two local hospitals, both of whom said her condition was too complex for them to repair, so they asked for help from LWB. We want to arrange for her to go to a top hospital that can handle her difficult reconstructive surgery.

Sophie still needs $3100 for her hospital and travel expenses. Will you please consider helping this shy little girl to finally be healed? We gratefully accept donations of any amount towards her surgery.

Two weeks ago we told you about another child, Amy, with a similar birth defect. I’m so happy to tell you that we had a wonderful response to our blog and Amy is fully sponsored! She had her surgery last week and is doing great. We are so thankful for everyone who came forward to help heal this sweet little baby and are hoping that we can help Sophie just as quickly.

Laura Baldwin is the Medical Program Director for Love Without Boundaries. She lives in Texas with her three children – Elise (Vietnam), Grace (Vietnam) and Julie (Guangdong, China).

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