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SoRoZo: Nine-Year-Old Leaders of Hope

Several weeks ago, I attended our Irish Chinese New Year celebration in Galway, Ireland. This annual event is run by the Irish Chinese Contact Group (ICCG) which has been a wonderful supporter of Love Without Boundaries. Early last month, I heard that Sophie, Roisin and Zoe, all age 9, were going to run a stall at the Chinese new Year event to raise funds for conjoined twins, Harley and James.

Irish blanket for conjoined twins 2.16

Of course I had seen a photo of the beautiful blanket made in class by fellow students and couldn’t wait to meet the girls.

Sophie, Roisin, and Zoe came up with the very catchy team name, “SoRoZo”. Besides making the blanket for the raffle, SoRoZo approached local businesses to plead for items to sell in order to help little Harley and James have their surgery.

One dad told me how his daughter went into the local shop (remember, she’s 9!) and introduced herself and asked for permission to come back at a set time to discuss her request while handing out her handmade explanatory leaflet. She did all the work, stepped out of her comfort zone to speak up, whilst Dad just chaperoned.

Sorozo sales table 2.16

The girls’ stall was awash with items, and they (with their parents’ help) worked so hard selling their collection of books and bric-a-brac in addition to raffle tickets for the blanket. One aunt had helped with signage and made lovely bunting with the twins’ western names to add to the display. The girls told me that this banner will be sent to the twins for their wall.

Of course, whoever won the blanket could decide what they wanted to do with it. Many of us honestly hoped that whoever won would send it to the twins and their family as a reminder of how people around the world cared about them. I kept that wish in my head and decided I would see “who” won the raffle, and if I thought it was appropriate,I’d share the idea.

Can you imagine how the tears stung my eyes when I WON!?

Sorozo banner 2.16


The final total for these girls’ incredible work was a whooping €1,300 (approximately $1,430 USD)!

Sorozo cheque2 2.16

sorozo cheque 2.16

The love from these girls shines through. Their ability to rise up and go do something to make a difference in the world is inspirational!

Once the girls found out that their blanket was going to be sent to the twins in China, they decided to make another one so that both Harley and James would have their own blanket.

quilt 2 conjoined twins

Thank you Sophie, Roisin and Zoe for being leaders of HOPE!

~Julie Flynn Coleman, Healing Homes Director (Administration)

Sorozo Wynter 2.16Julie’s daughter Wynter at SoRoZo’s booth during the Chinese New Year celebration

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