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Special Bottles for Special Babies

We all know that our cleft-affected babies like Susan are special, but did you know the bottles they need are special as well?

Babies born with cleft lip or cleft palate can’t suck easily and have difficulty getting enough formula out of a regular bottle. This means they often cannot get enough nutrition. Cleft bottles are made of soft plastic that can be easily squeezed by the caregiver to help babies get the food that they need. These special bottles can literally save babies’ lives.

Unfortunately, cleft bottles are not available for sale in China. As a result, we’ve coordinated a cleft bottle program to help. Couriers (usually folks who are already travelling to China) take them to our Cindy, our China Nutrition Director. Cindy then distributes them to orphanages in need so their very special babies — like Susan — can get the formula they need to grow strong!

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