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Special Delivery

Although most of the wonderful products used by our nutrition program are bought within China, we do have a few items that require delivery from the U.S. We are so grateful for the adoptive parents and other travelers who are willing to carry these items with them overseas.


One child in Henan province is not able to tolerate regular milk products due to his special need of thalessemia. Thank you to the wonderful couple who just packed along six cans of powdered goat milk for this special boy!


We have a number of children who benefit from protein powder which can be added to their formula or rice cereal. This is a real blessing to children recovering from surgery.


And, of course, thank you to SO MANY wonderful families who have packed cleft bottles when traveling to China. We turn right around and send many of these bottles directly to orphanages in need. Some go to our staff in China, so they will have an emergency supply of bottles for any child who might need them.


It is such a blessing to be able to save the time and cost of shipping these items overseas. A big thank you to all who have helped!!!


Jan Champoux 

Nutrition Director

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