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Special Formula: Not Just for Babies

When we think of formula, babies typically come to mind. And it’s true that our Special Formula Fund is most often used to provide formula for fragile babies in our Medical and Healing Homes programs. However, did you know that we have a number of toddlers and older children in our foster care programs who benefit greatly from a special formula called Nutren?

Catey 2.16Catey: January 2016

Nutren is a formula designed for children over the age of one. It is used as supplemental nutrition support for children who are unable to meet their nutrient requirements from regular food.

Catey 4.15Catey before Nutren

Catey, seen above in August 2015 and also in the top photo five months later, has benefited so much from Nutren. This sweet girl from our Huainan foster care program had an open palate and wasn’t able to take in the calories that she needed. Once her palate was repaired, we discovered the the Nutren was helping her to thrive in other ways, and so we are continuing to provide it for her.

Jimmy 10.15Jimmy from Fuyang

Little Jimmy from our Fuyang foster care had been experiencing some eating issues. Jimmy is quite small and underweight, and the Nutren has been helping him gain strength and become more active.

Lenny 10.15Lenny from Fuyang

Also from Fuyang is eight-year-old Lenny. He does not have a good appetite, and so we are sending Nutren to his foster family to supplement his regular meals.

Caitlin 1.16Caitlin from Xiaoxian

Caitlin is ten years old and lives in our foster care program in Xiaoxian. Caitlin has medical special needs and has difficulty chewing and taking in enough calories to keep weight on. Nutren has helped her feel stronger. We love seeing this big happy smile on her face!

Aaron 1.16Aaron from Huainan

Adorable five-year-old Aaron from our foster care program in Huainan has been receiving Nutren for awhile. Nutren has helped Aaron reach a healthy weight, and now that he is eating table foods well and walking more steadily, he has “graduated”. (Aaron also has a family working to bring him home this year!)

Being able to provide extra nutritional support to these children in foster care is something for which we are very grateful!

We would appreciate any donations to our Special Formula fund which will allow us to continue bringing smiles and good health to these beautiful children.

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