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Special Needs Training

About 70 staff personnel from Henan orphanages attended the first day of Special Needs Training. We opened with talks from Henan CA and Kaifeng CA Directors. Plaques were presented, pictures of the whole group taken, and the special needs training began. Dr. Qiu and Dr. Li spoke in the morning, and provided beneficial information on heart defects. Their presentations were well-received, and many orphanages spoke to Stephanie about sending their heart children to Dr. Li.

After lunch, Zhang Min spoke regarding autism, cerebral palsy, and Down’s Syndrome. Dr. Zhai spent the remaining time in the afternoon explaining the remaining needs in the manual. Everything went very smoothly and the orphanage caregivers seemed to be very responsive to the information they received. An official banquet was attended with the Civil Affairs officials, and we enjoyed the evening with lots of toasting and laughter. We also visited the directors banquet and toasted all who came. All of them are looking forward to cooperate with LWB and each asked us to visit their orphanage when we have a chance.

Stephanie has done a marvelous job organizing the training, and every detail has been attended to. We are so grateful for a successful first day of training!

We even experienced an earthquake early this morning, between 4 and 5 am and we teased the officials about arranging this just for our visit!

Submitted by Stephanie and Nancy

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