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Specialized Formula: What a Difference It Can Make


In early March, LWB’s Nutrition and Special Projects Program learned of a family struggling to care for their three-month old daughter who was born with anal atresia. Little Yi Xuan has had her first surgery, but she needs to gain weight and grow stronger in order to have a needed second surgery. This has been particularly difficult as Yi Xuan’s intestines are not absorbing the nutrients she needs.


Thanks to our Nutrition Program’s Preemie and Special Formula fund, we were able to quickly send specialized formula that is easily digested and packed with calories. Liquid infant vitamins and tiny colostomy bags designed for a baby are also necessary for Yi Xuan’s care but are not readily available in China. Fortunately, members of our team had already planned to visit China later in the month. It was perfect timing! Supplies were quickly purchased and packed in our team’s luggage that was surely starting to bulge!


We were happy to recently learn that Yi Xuan has taken well to her special formula and has started gaining weight. We look forward to following this sweet girl’s progress and express our appreciation to our Preemie and Special Formula fund sponsors for making it possible for us to so quickly meet Yi Xuan’s needs.

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