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Specialty Formula for Heartbridge

If asked to come up with a list of “medical essentials” at LWB’s Heartbridge Healing Home, the items that come to mind might include nebulizers to help with breathing, or antibiotics to fight infection, or the wall full of cubbies that contain each child’s individual medications and instructions.

You may not think of a can of formula, but that truly is one of the most vital parts of the healing regimen for our most fragile residents.

Peptamen Junior is specially formulated for babies like Lian, shown above, who with a “short gut” has impaired gastrointestinal function. Peptamen formula helped Lian gain over a pound in each of the past few months!

PreNan formula was made with premature infants in mind, but we have discovered that it does a world of good for children who are severely underweight due to heart disease, or intestinal malformations, like the one that is plaguing newcomer Ryan (shown below). This newest resident weighed in at only seven pounds at four months of age. The extra calories and easy digestion of PreNan will hopefully allow Ryan to begin to grow and thrive.

The benefit of specialty formula does come at a high price for these precious children. Your donation in any amount will help us to cover this expense. If you would like to provide an extra healthy boost to children like Lian and Ryan, won’t you please consider making a one-time or monthly donation? Thank you!

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