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Sponsors Needed for Olivia and Jennifer

Are you looking for a way that you can really make a difference in the life of one specific child?

Olivia 9.15

Many people have a heart for orphaned children but are not in a position to adopt. One meaningful way that you can become a part of a child’s life story and change their lives for good is by becoming a foster care sponsor.


Olivia, seen above, needs several foster care sponsors right now. She is three years old and has just moved in with her foster family in Lanzhou. Olivia has ptosis of the left eyelid and is said to love dancing to music and her little rabbit doll. A doctor has said that Olivia might not grow very tall, but since entering foster care it seems that she has been growing very well.  Her foster mother is so pleased!

Jennifer2 9.15

Jennifer, age three, is another girl from Lanzhou who currently has no sponsors. When our foster care manager met Jennifer for the first time last month, she remarked on what a clever, quick-witted, and enthusiastic girl she is. Despite not knowing our manager, Jennifer was helpful and cooperative as she asked her questions to see what she could do. She even helped locate our manager’s lost camera! Jennifer was living in the orphanage prior to entering foster care, and we can only imagine how happy she must be to get to experience having a foster mother who is there for her whenever she needs her.

Jennifer has had surgery for cleft lip and palate and also has just four fingers on each hand in addition to a foot abnormality. We are truly enjoying seeing this spunky, determined little girl blossom with her foster family.


What does sponsoring a child in foster care entail?  Foster families receive support from both LWB and the child’s orphanage to help feed, clothe, and take care of the child’s needs. Your foster care sponsorship goes towards paying LWB’s portion of the foster care fee and therefore directly impacts the child. By stepping forward to support an individual child, you are helping to ensure that they continue to live in family care.

Foster care sponsorship is $40 per month. Some families have been creative and have put together a shared sponsorship with a group of friends or family members, with each paying $10 or $20 per month and receiving monthly reports and photos of the child they are sponsoring.

Time and again we hear from adoptive families about how being in foster care positively affected their new son or daughter’s development and attachment. Please consider sponsoring Olivia, Jennifer, or one of the other children in need of sponsorship on our website.

Jennifer 9.15

Giving an orphaned child the chance to experience being part of a family is truly a gift beyond measure!

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