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Sports Day

The teachers and manager of Believe in Me Huainan, Anhui held a
“Sports Day” for the children of the program. At our daughters’ schools it would be similar to “Field Day”.

All of the children from the preschool classes, kindergarten-prep class, and the tutoring class participated and, from the pictures and video, everyone had great fun! Here is what our manager reports:

“The sport meeting this afternoon was very successful. The children were doing well and very active under teachers’ instruction. The classroom was filled with laughter. We all felt that since the school was set up, every child has changed a lot and made big progress everyday. These special-need children need more love and patient care. Teachers and aids have devoted so much to our kids. The achievement achieved is the result of the teachers’ persistent hard work. It is a great relief to see these brilliant faces of the children in the photos.

This sports meeting gave a great opportunity for them to learn to be part of a team. Both tug-of-war and parallel walking (three legged race) require close cooperation between kids. We taught the kids “Friendship First, Competition Second”. It is important for them to participate, and in the end every student got the prizes. We taught them to face victory and defeat with a calm mind, and believe that perseverance makes success!”

Apparently the children enjoyed the tug-of-war activities the best and many also enjoyed jump rope. All of the children were given books and treats for participating. What a fun day for children anyway around the world!

Sandy Hartman, Karin Cooper, & Wendy Thacker
Believe in Me Huainan, Anhui Team

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