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Spotlight on Anal Atresia

One of the most common and urgent special needs we are asked to help with is a condition called Anal Atresia (AA).  Many years ago, we had a supporter complain that she shouldn’t have to read “that word” while drinking her morning coffee, so for quite some time we actually would say that a child had an emergency intestinal issue instead.  With so many orphaned children having AA, however, we think it is important for people to understand just what this medical need entails.  We care for many children with this condition at both our Heartbridge and True Children’s Healing Homes, and with proper medical care, the majority of them do extremely well.

Tyson May 2013

One of our great volunteers has put together an information sheet about this medical need called, “Spotlight on Anal Atresia“.  “Poop. Kids giggle at the mention of it…” is how this fantastic little piece begins!

Many kids with AA will require three staged surgeries. Two of the little boys in our hands right now are preparing for their third stage operations in which their colostomies will be reversed.  Both boys still need funding to get the medical care they deserve.

Tyson (1) June 2013

Gorgeous Tyson came to us as a very fragile infant, but look at him now.  He still needs $3,925 for his upcoming operation.

7.8.13 Ian

And who can resist little Ian?  This happy boy has $3,435 remaining to finish up his surgery plan.

Thank you for considering a donation to help these beautiful boys complete their surgeries.   LWB has the most amazing supporters!

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