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Springtime for Roberta

Roberta has been a resident of LWB foster care and on-site family care off and on since she was 4 years old and has been eligible for adoption for many years. We have just learned that there is a family hoping to bring her home at last!

In January, this beautiful girl turned 8 years old. Because our Instagram Live featured author Rebekah Lyons speaking on Down Syndrome adoption this week,¬†we wanted to share some great new photos of Roberta. As you can see, she’s been able to get outside and enjoy some nice spring weather, an extra-special treat after the coronavirus lockdown.

When our manager visits Roberta in our On-Site Family Care program, Roberta greets her with a big hug. Our manager no longer has to ask Roberta to stand up and be measured; Roberta knows the drill by now and can weight and measure herself!

Roberta’s foster mother describes her as a very loving child. She is quite protective of her baby foster brother, Hays. Hays has Down Syndrome just like Roberta, and she loves to be with him and help care for him.
Roberta Hays 4.20

Roberta attends school in the orphanage. She is able to get dressed on her own and walk to and from the classroom on her own from her apartment (which is inside the orphanage building). Both her teacher and foster mom tell us that she gets along very well with everyone and is happy to share her toys and snacks. In fact, Roberta takes charge of dividing the snacks among all of the other children and very thoughtfully saves her own snack for last!

Roberta is often described as clever and obedient. She listens very well to her foster mom’s instructions.

One of Roberta’s loves in life is dancing. She choreographs dances all the time and can’t help but groove every time she hears music. This seems to reflect her happy personality.

This beautiful, happy girl has waited far too long to be chosen by a family of her own. We truly hope that 2020 brings joy and happiness for Roberta!

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