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Stable in the ICU

Yesterday we told you about two babies from our healing homes who were having surgery on the same day for complex heart defects.  We are so happy to report that both Chandler and Dominic came through their operations beautifully. Both children received BT shunt surgery, which is used to increase pulmonary blood flow.  This is often called the “first stage” surgery, and so both children will need an additional operation in the future.

SONY DSCLittle Chandler Post-Op

SONY DSCBaby Dominic in the ICU

We are so grateful for all the good wishes and prayers which were sent to these precious babies.  Their healing only happens because of compassionate people like you!

To play a part in another child’s healing, you can visit our medical sponsorship page to see the kids still waiting for help.  We have six gorgeous children waiting for their own heroes to step forward.

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