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Stars to Hitch a Wagon To!

What exciting times for these new students of our Mama’s Wish program. We’d like the opportunity to introduce these lovely young women to our LWB friends and supporters… and alert everyone that there are some wonderful young people whose stars are on the rise.

RinqingJi is an orphaned Tibetan child from the Maketang Village in Jianzha County. She is attending the Jianzha No. 1 Nationalities Middle School. RingqingJi has been cared for by her aunt after her mother passed away and her father remarried and started another family. We have great hopes that she will continue her education and succeed in following her dreams.


Yangjiancuo is also a young Tibetan girl who lives in Angla Township in Jianzha County. She too is attending Jianzha No. 1 Nationalities Middle School. Her story is a bit different as she lives currently with her father, an older brother, and a younger sister. Her mother was killed in a car accident in 2006, leaving her father to care for the entire family on his small income.

Welcome, RingqingJi and Yanjiancuo. We will hitch our wagons to your stars and look forward to the journey as you build a constellation of success for your future.

Jody Goering
Associate Director of Education

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