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Starting a New Life with a Family

From Zhang Ming, the manager of our Anhui Cleft Healing Home:

“We drove Daisy to Fuyang on Saturday. Daisy was placed into a LWB foster care home directly. As usual, the nannies all hugged Daisy when they parted with these loved little ones. Fuyang orphanage staff were all surprised to see Daisy with such a beautiful and chubby look after the lip repair. The last time they saw her she was just a tiny baby.

The foster family in Fuyang were very happy to have Daisy. They told me they had been anxiously expecting Daisy for about one week. The foster family was so excited and kind. They immediately wrapped Daisy with a big coat when they got her.

Wu Xue Qin, our cleft home nanny, also felt very excited all the way to Fuyang, for she was able to see Philip and Wren on this trip. These two had been living at the home and left to live with a family a month ago.

Actually everyone at the cleft home wanted to see how Philip and Wren were doing, but Qin was the lucky one chosen to accompany Daisy to Fuyang. The last day Qin saw Philip was the day his first tooth came in. We had seen the foster care reports but were so pleased to see with our own eyes that Philip and Wren are doing fine in their new homes. Philip still remembers his nanny, Qin. He was very content to be back in her arms. Qin took him onto the van, and he doesn’t seem object to going back to our home.”

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  • Lisa Moran says:

    To whom it may concern

    I am interested in the Adoption Grant and am particularly interested in a disadvantaged child, a girl 7 to 10 years.

    As my own child is a left leg amputee and she is 7, I was wondering if there were any leg amputee children

    Lisa Moran