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Stephanie’s Surgery is a Success!

The Cleft Surgery Program and the Henan Healing Home reached an important milestone last week – the first surgery of this important program. Our brave and happy Stephanie was the first baby to be ready!

Little Stephanie was smiling with approval when she was checked into the Kaifeng Oral Hospital for her surgery. Her surgery was the very first of the morning last Tuesday, so she didn’t have to wait long while being hungry. After the surgery, she spent much of the day sleeping and was able to enjoy some formula in the afternoon. We were told that she was not as fussy as they had imagined.

On Thursday, Stephanie was released to go back to her home at the Henan Cleft Healing Home (HCHH). Her repair is looking so nice and will improve rapidly. She is so brave and even tried to give her caregivers a bit of a smile and did not fuss or cry at all.

Stephanie is recovering so rapidly as she is being loved and cared for in the HCHH. She is smiling more and more every day and even being a bit silly!

What a pretty smile, Stephanie! We are so glad to see you happy again. Thank you to all who helped Stephanie have her lip repaired.

Patti Kellett is the Cleft Surgery Coordinator. She lives in Cincinnati OH with her two wonderful children who are from China.

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