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Stories of Hope: Sampson

For the next six weeks during this special holiday season, we’ll be sharing stories about some of the children whose lives have been truly transformed because of this amazing LWB community. First up today is Sampson.

It was exactly four years ago that we met this little boy who lives along the border region of Cambodia and Thailand. At just two years of age, Sampson had already lived through more sorrow than any toddler should have to experience. His father died when he was just a baby, leaving him and his mother without shelter and with very little food. They both became weak and malnourished, and sadly his mother passed away from illness just after Sampson’s second birthday. Before she died, her last plea was for someone to take care of her baby boy.

LWB immediately stepped in to provide a loving foster home.

As Sampson deeply grieved the loss of his mama, his doting foster granny opened her arms and her heart to help him heal.

Over time, we saw the light slowly come back into Sampson’s eyes.

Within six months of coming into our care, Sampson’s smiles and laughter filled his foster home. With good nutrition and medical care, there was now no stopping this very active little boy.

Another wonderful bonus for Sampson is that he lives in a supportive foster family who knows children who have experienced trauma can often find comfort through animals. Sampson has had lots of opportunities to love and care for their puppies.

The strong bond he formed with his foster grandma, however, finally brought true peace and security back to his heart.

Except for school time, these two are pretty much inseparable. Sampson loves to sleep in the hammock when he naps, but he always wants his granny to rock him and sing to him as he falls asleep.

The two of them also have a small garden that they tend together, although Sampson enjoys eating the food from the garden a little bit more than working in it.

He does help his grandma every morning by going out early to feed the chickens before he heads to our Believe In Me Sokhem village school.

Sampson is such a good little guy. He listens to everything his teacher says and never creates problems in his classroom. This year, he is studying reading and math, and while he still prefers to be outside at recess (who doesn’t?), he is making good progress with his studies.

Sampson loves to help his friends in class and has developed excellent relationships with his schoolmates. He’s so talkative and confident now that they often send him up to storekeepers to speak for the group when it’s time to get a treat after school. We definitely have a future leader on our hands!

Over the last few years, we’ve watched with real joy in our hearts as Sampson has transformed from a sick, malnourished toddler who had been orphaned into a strong and happy six year old who is embraced by his community.

When you support our life-changing foster care program, you help children who often feel completely alone in the world. You bring safety and protection through family-based care, and you provide the gift that every child so deeply deserves…the vital understanding that they are deeply LOVED.

Here’s to all the caregivers around the world who open their hearts to those who are orphaned. What unsung heroes they are. And here’s to everyone who’s part of the LWB community for allowing transformative stories like Sampson’s to occur.

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