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Stories of the Heart: Celine’s Brave Fight

They waved goodbye to their Ugandan home and boarded the plane, brave little Celine and her mama, and across the world they flew. Finally, a chance for healing for one broken little heart, and they took it with outstretched arms — nothing guaranteed, but with hope they flew.

Celine’s brave mama knew beyond a shadow of a doubt: HOPE is worth the risk, worth the cost, and worth the time.

She would do whatever she had to do to bring her baby girl hope, even if that meant leaving all she had known, her community and family back home, to go to Israel and enter a world unknown.

For hope she flew and for hope she fights, all for one loved baby girl.

Finally in Israel, Celine was taken from her mother’s arms and sent back into that operating room, and I know the pacing steps of that mama’s walk. I know the anxious beat of that mama’s heart as she waited to hear her baby’s once broken heart was repaired and beating again.

Celine came out of surgery with a healed little heart, and though her lungs are weak and she has many battles to fight in the days ahead, her biggest fight is won.

There are so many machines, medications, tubes, and a ventilator moving little lungs up & down. Her heart is whole. Her mama is bedside, holding her hand as she sleeps, watching monitors flash and numbers dance.

They flew together for hope, and now they wait with great hope through the days of healing to come: exhausted, expectant, excited. What a brave girl, this mama and her girl — what hope we see blooming in their beautiful lives.

Hope is a gift, and we are the luckiest to stand and fight alongside this pair.

Stand with us and fight for hope for families just like Celine’s:  Join our Medical Initiative here.

Always grateful to be here with you,

~Meredith Toering, Director of International Cardiac Care

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