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Stories Of The Heart: Clara

There’s a certain joy that comes when new Unity photos and referrals come in. Another chance for hope, another heart to be healed, another family that will remain together — as they always should be. This is especially true for little Clara.

As the only child of her adoring parents, Clara is loved, loved, loved beyond measure. When they brought her to the clinic and found out that her heart would need surgery to repair a large hole, they were devastated for their girl but ready to do whatever it took to get her well.

Clara and her family were admitted into LWB’s Unity Initiative many months ago and have been holding out hope for this day to come — the day her heart would be healed. They came to every appointment, every check-up, and every lab draw, waiting patiently for the day that they would receive the call.

Last week, the call came at last. “It’s your time — the OR is booked. Please come to the hospital next week.”

Oh, the emotions that flood when you hear that news. Expectant hope, yet fearful of the what-ifs and the unknowns. Knowing that hope is worth the risk.

Clara and her parents checked into the hospital last week to prepare for surgery, and today is finally the day. Today is Clara’s turn, and she will be taken down into that operating room where doctors will repair that tiny little heart.

The doctors will work and her parents will pace hallways, waiting for the news that all is well. Across the ocean, we pace with them — our hearts waiting and hoping for news alongside theirs.

Please join us in thinking of Clara today. Her brave heart and her parents’ unwavering love and care are an inspiration to us all. The way they fought and advocated for her made this day possible, and we all wait with them, joyful and expectant for the healing today will bring.

We will update about Clara’s surgery as soon as we know more. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued love and support of our Unity Initiative. It is through your generosity that we are able to stand with families like Clara’s and watch these little hearts restored, over and over again.

~Meredith Toering is LWB’s Director of International Cardiac Care

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