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People always say”Life is fragile”, but to me sometines it is not true. I have met many special need babies, whose lives should be much weaker than the ordinary ones, but their strongness amazed me! This cute little baby Tao is a typical one. You might still remember him as the most joyous baby.

He was born with cleft, heart defect, and as he was too little , these conditions caused him pneumonia for about one month, and he stayed in ICU for about one month. Even in sickness in ICU, he didn’t forget to give the doctors and nurses his beautiful smile.

I still remembered the first time I met him, that was during his IV, which was put on his head. Once he saw me, his eyes followed me everywhere. He was so tiny and so loveable! He is very open-minded too. Unlike other babies, he is fine with anybody holding him!

Thanks to our generous sponsors, he was sent to Hangzhou to have heart surgery so quickly and smoothly. Now he is back with 3 teeth newly grown. Didn’t you notice that he smiled sweeter now? Hopefully, he can join in our cleft mission this year! I know more people would LOVE to hold him just like me!

Stephanie Wang
LWB Facilitator

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