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Struggling With Each Breath: Walter and Pneumonia Care

When Walter came to the attention of our medical team, he was a newborn boy who had already endured too much adversity in his short 20 days on earth.

Walter intake 2.16

Walter was born with a congenital heart defect. In addition, he was jaundiced and was already suffering from neonatal pneumonia. While it would seem Walter’s heart defect would be his greatest obstacle to overcome, the larger challenge is actually the neonatal pneumonia!

Walter closeup 2.16

Did you know that babies can develop pneumonia while still in their mother’s womb? This ‘intrauterine pneumonia’ can often be the cause of stillbirth.

Even for babies who are born perfectly healthy, the greatest risk of death from pneumonia is during the neonatal period. Newborns are so fragile that when faced with a pneumonia infection, they not only need medicine to help their little bodies fight off the bacteria but they also need to receive respiratory support to make sure they not only survive, but that they thrive long-term. You can see little Walter getting his medicine through the IV in his forehead.

Walter pneumonia care 2.16

Walter is in the hospital right now receiving the care he needs to battle this infection.

Walter w nurse intake 2.16

Please join with us as we hold Walter’s hand and help him to not only survive, but to thrive!

Walter's hand 2.5.16

Your support of Walter will also allow LWB to say ‘YES’ to the next baby who struggles with each breath.

Walter 2 2.16

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