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Student Support: Meet Belle

Bright and determined are the first words that come to mind as we describe thirteen-year-old Belle, the final student we are featuring in our Impoverished Student Support Program.


To help pay for the family’s needs, Belle’s father works in Shenzhen while his family remains in rural Hunan, and they aren’t able to see him very often. Belle is extremely close to her mother and really misses her when she is away at middle school where she is a boarder.

Belle-4Belle with her family

Everyone around Belle seems to recognize her intelligence and drive to succeed, and she began elementary school early at age five. Studying and achieving high marks brings her great joy!


When Belle was ten, she was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia. Her mother stopped working to devote herself to Belle’s health, and so now the entire family relies on what Belle’s father earns in Shenzhen. Now, Belle takes regular medication for her anemia as without it, she feels quite weak.


Last term, Belle achieved the highest grades in her entire class and the second highest grades in the school! She wrote this to her sponsors:

Midterms exams are done, I got number 2 in my school and first in my grade. Number 1 in the entire school is a boy who always does better than I do. This time he only beat me by 3 points. Come on, I will definitely beat him

BelleschoolWe know you can do it, Belle!

Outside of school, Belle is a typical girl who loves the color pink and laughing with her friends.


She likes to play some sports and badminton in particular, but because of her condition can only play physically demanding games for a short time.


She says she loves to read because she can gain more knowledge from her books.


To give you a sense of Belle’s personality, here are a few excerpts from some of her letters to her sponsors:

I wear simple clothing because I don’t like competing with other kids. My usual daily routine at home is to help my mom with some chores if I have free time, feed the chickens and ducks, clean the house, wash dishes, so my mom doesn’t have to work so hard. These things are all very ordinary, but doing them makes me really happy…

BelleducksBelle feeding the family’s ducklings.

BelleathomeHelping in the yard.

When I’m at school for long periods of time, I sometimes miss my family, especially my mother. Though she’s very simple and ordinary, the love and warmth I receive from her can’t be put into words…A reminder from mom, a teacher’s words of encouragement, and classmates coming to my aid are all things that make me feel happy. They give me warmth and love. My classmates say that I am “smart and capable”. But I consider myself to be “smart and weak”.


I have a small wish to take my parents on a trip around the world someday when I have the means. My brother inspires me to study hard and reach for the top. My wish is to work hard, get into a good university, get a good job after I graduate and repay my parents and the kind people who have helped me such as yourselves. This summer, I hope I can get healthy as soon as possible, so I don’t cause too much trouble for my family.


Please consider supporting Belle as she strives to do her best at school. For less than $1 a day, you can help her family with books, school supplies, and tuition expenses. We have a feeling that with her spirit and determination, she will succeed!

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