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Student Support: Meet Charlotte

This month we have been introducing you to a few of the students in our Impoverished Student Support program who are in need of sponsors.  It’s Charlotte’s turn to be featured, and we thought it help you get to know her by showing some scenes of her village and home.

CharlottevillageCharlotte, in yellow, returning to her home

Charlotte’s father passed away and her mother left the family and cannot be located, and so Charlotte lives with her grandparents and an uncle in rural Fujian province. Charlotte’s grandparents pick tea when they can to try to make ends meet. Last summer our Education manager Susie visited Charlotte and her grandparents and took some great photos of their life at home.

Charlotte’s village is not easy to reach, and the final distance to her home must be made on foot.


Due to her home’s remote location, Charlotte only gets to go home twice a year.


Charlotte’s grandmother welcomed the visitors to her village and home.


We imagine she must be so excited to see Charlotte after her time away at school!





CharlottebedroomCharlotte’s bedroom

Here is Charlotte in the family kitchen preparing tea for the guests.




Charlotte’s family certainly looks very proud, and they should be!


Seventeen-year-old Charlotte is a dedicated student and is completing her second year of high school. She can often be found reading in the library at her school.

Charlotteschool2Charlotte at school

Naturally quite reserved and shy, Charlotte is learning to make new friends and is enjoying her new class of students. She has also discovered a great love for music and listens to it every weekend to relax.

Charlotte, Sue, Susie and JosieCharlotte with her friends and Susie, our Education manager

In China, students must pay tuition to attend school past ninth grade. Without the help of sponsors, Charlotte would be unable to afford the tuition and other educational expenses related to attending high school.  Charlotte must feel a great deal of responsibility to help her aging grandparents, and we know that she is so appreciate of the support she receives from LWB. Unfortunately, we currently require a few more sponsors to continue helping Charlotte.


For $25 a month, you could help this deserving girl receive an education and help her family. Sponsors receive quarterly letters and photos from Charlotte and will be able to follow along with her progress in school. Please visit Charlotte’s sponsorship page if you’d like to help!

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