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Student Support: Meet Lee


Lee is a fourteen year old student in our Impoverished Student Support program, and we all think he has such a funny and candid personality. He’s currently in middle school and is working towards gaining acceptance to a good quality high school.


Lee loves listening to music and playing basketball and badminton with his friends.  He writes: I have a lot of favorite things. For example, my favorite colors, blue and white, are the colors of the sky and the ocean, and I like the vastness and freedom of the sky and sea. My favorite book is “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. 


He likes adventure stories and dreams of visiting Inner Mongolia with his sister.


Lee lives with his sister, mom and grandparents in Hunan. Perhaps because he does not have a father, he is very protective of his mom and sister and wants to be able to help support them.

LeewsisSteveLee and his sister with our Hunan Education manager, Steve

Lee often writes about his dreams for the future:  I want to get into a good high school after I graduate from junior high. In that case, I’ll get a summer job and earn some spending money….I’ll continue to study hard, be a good student, and get good grades to repay the people who love me. I want to tell myself, go for it!


Lee’s letters always make us laugh:

“I love to listen to music that makes me want to bust a move. I am the class clown and I think I am way cooler than my sister. All she does is look at books and her glasses prescription is already at 400, she is going to have get new ones soon”.

Lee also told us that his favorite class is Chinese because, “it’s our national language and I get a lot of exposure to it”. His second favorite subject is Biology because his teacher is pretty. Okay — his honesty definitely makes us smile!

Without a doubt, being a part of of our Student Support program has helped Lee gain in confidence and feel accountable for his success in school. However, Lee needs more sponsors than he currently has to be able to continue to be a part of this program.

LeeWin2013 2

We hope that someone will step up and help Lee’s big dreams come true of attending high school by giving him yet another vote of confidence! We can assure you that his letters to you will always bring a smile to your face!

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