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Student Support: Meet Sandy

When Sandy entered LWB’s Impoverished Student Support program in the fall of 2013, she was 13 years old and beginning 8th grade.


Sandy’s first letters to her sponsors were short and spoke only of her academic achievement. As the months went on, Sandy began to open up more to her sponsors and began to share her hopes and dreams with us. She loves art. She was able to take art lessons for a short time, but the money ran out and now she draws on her own. One of her proudest moments came in the winter of 2013 when one of paintings was selected to be in an art exhibition.


Sandy is a marvelous student! She works very hard and her efforts pay off because she continuously holds the first position of academic standing her school.


Sandy shares with us that while she is a good student who knows how to get the most out of each class and study well when she returns home, she is also quite shy. She admits that she sometimes finds it difficult to make friends.


Sandy lives in Hunan province and comes from a loving family who has found themselves in a very poor financial situation. She shared with us the story behind her family’s financial difficulties:

In 2003, my 10 year old sister died from a serious disease. To save her in vain, my family shouldered a debt of 230,000 RMB ($37,000 USD), which has yet to be cleared. My parents returned to take care of me from Guangdong in 2009. Two years later, my father was injured at work. His middle and index fingers were cut off at his manufacturing job. The company did not pay us a penny. Now, it is much harder for Dad to find work. My Mom says they regret not getting an education when they were young. It is difficult for them to find jobs that are not so low paying. I am the only hope left for my parents, and I must study hard. I will do it.

This school year has been very successful for Sandy. Her self-esteem has grown, and she has made a few friends. She continues to do very well in school.

Sandy will take the high school entrance exam at the end of this school year, something she has been preparing for all year. We truly hope that we are able to be able to continue to support Sandy as she enters high school. For $25 a month, you can sponsor this bright, motivated girl and help her achieve her dream of entering an excellent high school. We know that Sandy will succeed but just needs some financial support to do so!

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