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Student Support: Meet Sue


Like many high school students in China, Sue attends a high school far from her home and lives in a dormitory there. When she’s not in school, Sue lives in Fujian with her father, a doorman for a construction company.


This photo was taken of Sue at the bus station before her winter break for Chinese New Year.  She looks very excited to be headed home! She lives far from the school and sometimes is only able to visit home every three months.

SueHouseSue outside of her home

Suehome2014Sue’s kitchen

SueDad2Sue and her dad sitting on the bed

Back at school, Sue puts a lot of pressure on herself to do well — and she is definitely succeeding! She is currently in her second year of high school and did so well that last year her school offered her the opportunity to remain at school in the summer to study English.

SueJosiestepsSue and her best friend Josie — always together!

She enjoys listening to modern music and being part of her school’s track team where she runs the 1500 meter race and competes in the long jump. Red is her favorite color.


Sue has also joined the debate team and continues to work on improving her English.

Sue 20141201 DSCF0806

This past year, Sue has been studying very diligently and achieved a top place in her class! She hopes to graduate and dreams of attending university one day.

Sue 20141201 DSCF0791

We hope that Sue will continue to dream big as we have great confidence in her perseverance and abilities. We truly hope that we are able to continue supporting this very deserving girl who lives in such an impoverished situation. For us to be able to continue helping her, we need several additional sponsors of $25/month.

For less than $1 a day, you can be a part of Sue’s story and help her find her way to a brighter future!

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