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Student Support: Meet Yvonne

Just seven years old, Yvonne had a very difficult beginning to her life. She says, “My mother died the day I was born, giving her life for mine.”


Just two years after her mother’s death, her father was killed in a car accident. Yvonne’s grandparents are raising her. They work in rice paddy fields to earn money for the family, but understandably they are faced with many financial challenges.


Yvonne and her grandparents live in a rural part of Hunan. The roads are dirt, and the homes are surrounded by rice paddies where many of the families work the fields.



Yvonne’s grandmother describes her as sensitive. When she first began attending school, she was very timid and didn’t want to let go of her grandmother’s hand.


Her sensitive and timid nature also made her a bit hesitant to raise her hand to answer questions in class. However, with understanding from the adults in her life and her classmates, Yvonne has become bolder and happier with school.


She tries hard to be a good student and studies well with her grandmother’s help.


Yvonne joined LWB’s Impoverished Student Support program in 2013, and she has enjoyed school so very much! She has a sweet spirit that flows through her letters she writes to her sponsors each quarter.


Sponsors of $25/month are needed to help Yvonne and her grandparents with educational expenses such as books, uniforms, and meals at school.  All sponsors will receive quarterly letters from Yvonne — and boy, are they sweet!  Here’s an excerpt from one of her most recent letters to her sponsors:

Dear Uncle, Auntie: “How are you!” This is the new English greeting I just learned. This semester I’m in third grade, with a new English class that I’m very interested in. I’ve found that there’s a big difference between third and second grade. There are a lot more classes than before and a lot more pressure to study. Not long ago, we had midterms exams. My grades slightly improved from before and I came seventh in my class. I know it’s not good enough, and I’ll keep working hard at school….It’s getting colder, so please wear thicker clothes and don’t catch a cold!


If you’d like to help Yvonne and her family, please visit Yvonne’s sponsorship page. Thank you for considering supporting her!

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