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Student Support: Meet Zita

Zita is a sixteen-year-old high school student who is part of our Impoverished Student Support program in Hunan.


In 2010, Zita’s life changed forever when her father was involved in a very serious car accident. He survived but was unable to return to work, and Zita’s mother and treasured little sister have been forced to live in another city to try to earn money to support the family.

ZitaSisterZita and her mei-mei (little sister)

Zita’s elderly grandmother now cares for her father and has been unable to leave their rural village for the past three years, and Zita feels a great responsibility to help her family.

ZitaroadtohomeThe dirt road leading to Zita’s home

Zita'sdoorZita’s door

ZitaReturningHomeFamily waiting to greet Zita

ZitaHomeZita’s home

ZitaHomeInteriorThe interior of Zita’s home

ZitaLivestockBarnZita’s family’s livestock barn

Zita is a strong and motivated student and attends a boarding high school. She is able to return home fairly regularly to visit her family and help her grandmother with laundry and farm chores as well as taking care of her father. During her most recent school break, Zita spent time learning to cook some family meals from her grandmother!

ZitaAuntGrandmaZita with her aunt and grandmother

Zita is a hard working, happy and friendly student who participates in many extracurricular activities such as track meets, badminton, and poetry club. She enjoys school and being with her friends.


Although Zita has many responsibilities, she works hard in her lessons and is pleased with her progress.  She recently climbed from 56th in a class of 700 students to 18, and Zita knows that this is a direct result of her hard work!


Zita wrote these words in letters to her sponsors:

I have never visited any places of interest before but I wish that when I grow up, I will be able to visit artistic places of interest. Places like the city of Romance: Paris, France… If I have the opportunity to travel abroad, I wish that I can bring my mother along. I would love to go to America to thank those people who have supported my family….

At bedtime I always think of my little sister, my aging grandparents, and my dad. Every week I call home to find out how they’re doing, and when they say everything is find I feel incredibly happy. Family is the biggest pillar supporting me in my journey forward.


As you can see, Zita is very grateful for her family as well as her sponsors’ support.  We need several additional sponsors in order to continue helping Zita and her family with her educational expenses.  For $25 a month, you could truly help this deserving student achieve her goal of graduating from a quality high school and helping her family!


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