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Successful Surgery for Le Le

Le Le, an adorable 4 year old little girl from Hunan province, was brought to her orphanage last fall with severe burns to her right hand and arm.

She received her first surgery in February to regain the use of her hand. The doctors reported that her surgery went great but that Le Le would need to continue to exercise those fingers to restore most of its function. She would also need to return for a second surgery to repair her elbow and arm.

We are happy to report that Le Le’s second surgery was done on July 17th, and she is doing very well. Her doctor transplanted some skin from her head to her elbow to restore some of its function. Skin was taken from her head because the skin there grows back easily and will not influence her hair growth.

Because the temperatures are so high right now our Hospital Manager, Yvonne, brought Le Le and her nanny a watermelon to enjoy. Le Le’s last hospital stay lasted 17-days; hopefully, she will not have to stay as long this time around. Her nanny, who seems to care for her very much, was very excited about the good news!

< Chan Spraley is the General Surgery Coordinator for LWB. She lives in Georgia with her husband and two year old daughter, Lana.

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