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Summer School Art

Summer activities are in session for the students in the Believe In Me Huainan, Anhui program. A fun and helpful resource for boosting individual pride through expression, Summer Palace program involves the children pursuing artful adventures with instructional and freeform projects.

The art allows the children an invaluable emotional and creative outlet to express themselves. We can see in their faces the delight and pride they take in their creations. We thank our sponsors for giving the children in the Believe In Me Huainan, the continual chance for educational development.

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  • Katie Britt says:

    I agree Kris. I was there with him as well in 2007 and just by these pictures, a lot of change has been made. Expressing through art is great for young kids and it’s nice to see they are able to do that now. Thank you LWB!

  • Kris McClure says:

    It’s great to see some programming in Huainan. I was there in June of ’07 and it appears as though they’ve really made some changes for the better.
    Keep up the great work!