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Summertime Fun in Huainan

Daisy-2 (1)

Summer is the season for children everywhere. For the children in LWB’s Believe in Me Huainan School, it is break time from the routine, accomplishments, and strides of the school year. Longer periods of outdoor playing, field trips, and summertime haircuts are in store. Daisy is one of those children who loves summer.

Daisy-1 (1)

Daisy is very athletic. Teachers and friends comment on how fast she can run and how well she can throw a ball. Daisy is always happy playing outdoors, and her accomplishments during the school have been also noticed. Described as “smart” by her teachers, Daisy mastered colors, textures, and shapes through different tactile and craft experiences. Music has also contributed to Daisy’s growth this past school year. By differentiating between the xylophone’s colored blocks, Daisy can put the blocks in sequences for various sounds. After a year of rising to different challenges, Daisy is ready for some summertime fun.


For so many of the students in our Believe In Me schools, their summertime break is all the more rewarding and fulfilling because of the sense of accomplishment gained during the school year. A special thank you to our Believe in Me sponsors for their support this past school year and looking forward to the new school year.

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