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Super Mama

I know we always write about the kids and hardly write about the people who are in these kids’ lives and helping make such a difference in their lives. I really feel I need to introduce our Super Mama from Shanghai Children’s Medical Center to you. She’s the caregiver we hired locally to work as a backup ayi when a child arrives but the orphanage caregiver couldn’t stay, etc..

I first knew her on June 1st – The Chinese Children’s Day. I really consider her the best gift for that day. Baby Ji with the teratoma arrived at SCMC that day. It was raining hard and kind of chilly, her orphanage caregiver got sick and ran a high fever. We didn’t want her to pass the flu to the baby as we wanted the baby to stay healthy before surgery. Also we learned that this orphanage was short of caregivers and she was supposed to get back to help soon. So I knew I needed to look for a new caregiver asap. Thanks to my friend Elfie, who quickly helped me find this kind “mama” and bring her in that evening. She quickly took on all the work and allowed the other caregiver to get good rest and go back to the orphanage the next day.

Baby Ji was in the hospital for one month, and Super Mama took such good care of her. Not to mention the weight she put on within such a short time, Baby Ji learned how to do eye contact and she smiled every time she eye contacted with super mama. Super mama spoiled her into pieces and considered her baby Ji was the most beautiful baby in the whole hospital. She loved to show off how beautiful Ji was.

After Ji left, I ran into situations again where orphanage caregivers couldn’t stay. I even had to give Super mama two children at the same time once. It was two “naughty” boys who both wanted so much attention. They fought for attention and would even try to push each other out of the picture if I was trying to take a picture of both together. How funny was that! It became a bit overwhelming for super mama as she wanted so much to give full attention to both boys. She called her husband in while he has a part-time job as security guard at a school. Oh, he’s definitely the super daddy – he and his wife worked as the best team ever to “spoil” these boys into heaven! You would see them carrying the boys around in the hallway all the time. The boys were so attached to them that they couldn’t even put them down for one second, but this couple was so patient and so loving. They did anything to make the boys happy. And people in the hospital even noticed that the boys slowly turned to look like her and her husband. The couple were so pleased and proud when they heard that.

Little Anna came in right after the boys left. Anna was such a tiny baby who just got her surgery done for esophagial atresia. It was amazing to see how she grew from like a tiny bud to a fully opened beautiful flower every single day under Super mama’s love and care. Super Daddy still came to check on the baby from time to time and deliver food/snacks. He would always pick up Anna and tell the baby how beautiful she was and how much she had grown every day.

Super Mama can’t rest well when babies cry, but her babies only cry because they want to be held and that’s because she loves to hold them all the time so they can’t be put down. When she gets a new baby she would say “I wouldn’t hold them as much now so that they won’t cry when they are not held.”, however, she still can’t help it and she would be saying “what the heck, I will hold them anyway.” I think of that as her most famous quote.

By the way, the name “Super Mama” was given by the head nurse at the general surgery department. All the nurses and doctors love her and know she’s doing a great job. I love that name so much and can’t think of a better name for this kind lady. Super Mama came back to the hospital today as we assigned another baby for her to take care of. When she was back with her backpack that’s almost as big as her size, nurses threw out a warm welcome. Other patients’ parents who knew her and are still in the hospital came out to the hallway to welcome Super Mama too. Everyone loves her and cheers her on!! She’s the star of SCMC!


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