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Superhero Phillip

Phillip has the energy and strength of a baby superhero!

Phillip superhero 3.28.16

His superpower must be to make everyone fall in love with him at first sight. (We know that many of us already have!)

Phillip zebra 2 3.16

Although he looks extremely healthy, nine-month-old Phillip is a sick little boy, being born with a complex heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot. His orphanage in Fujian called us for help because he was having breathing difficulties, and we agreed to send him to Fudan University Children’s Hospital, a top pediatric hospital in Shanghai, for an evaluation. In fact, after they contacted us, Phillip was too sick to be moved right away.

Phillip swi

Finally he was well enough to travel, and when he arrived at the hospital we entrusted him to the care of Nanny Wen — who has become somewhat of a celebrity after her turn caring for Luna the Lionhearted for many months in the hospital. Nanny Wen is going to have her hands full with lively Phillip, but we can see that she loves the challenge!

Phillip nanny 4 3.16

Phillip w Nanny Wen 3.28.16

Phillip and Nanny Wen have really hit it off, and he loves having her round-the-clock attention and care.

Phillip Nanny2 3.16

Phillip Nanny 3.16

LWB volunteer Sherri visited him this weekend and said that he loves being carried around the hospital.  However, Phillip is quite heavy and active, and Sherri was a bit worn out after 30 minutes of holding him.  Sherri says that he is constantly trying to push himself into a standing position. She feels he will be walking soon!

Phillip standing 3.16

Phillip’s breathing sounds a bit labored and crackly. However, it hasn’t seemed to slow him down.

Phillip nanny3 3.16

Phillip zebra 3.28.16

Just this weekend, we received the great news that Phillip’s heart evaluation showed that he can have a full repair. He is tentatively on the surgery schedule for this week. Let’s hope all his abundant energy can be channeled into a quick, and complete, recovery.

Phillip nanny square 3.16

Through the efforts of one of our partners, Sage Harvest Gourmet Jerky, Phillip’s surgery and hospitalization costs are being covered.

Sage Harvest Gourmet Jerky 3.16

We are so very grateful to them for giving him a chance for healing and a long and healthy life.

Phillip hat 3.28.16

Please join us in sending all good wishes and prayers his way for a successful surgery so that this little superhero can continue to make life interesting and fun for everyone around him!

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