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Sweet Jack

I just loved these most recent pictures of Jack…looks like he’s the mischief maker of the home! His reports claim otherwise…but in these pictures, he looks like he’s up to no good! I love the picture of him with the diapers because it shows him sitting up! His reports say he can also stand with just a little bit of help, and that he is getting cuter every day! His expression in the bouncing seat seems to say: “What/ You don’t think I would do such a thing, do you?”

Regardless of the photos, his nannies say that he is a very friendly little boy, who smiles at anyone who makes eye contact with him, and is very considerate. When his nannies are busy, he doesn’t bother them, but rather sits quietly on the floor playing with his toys. He is also a very cooperative hugger! First he touches your hair gently, and then he places his face firmly on your chest. The photos must be deceiving, because this is one sweet little boy!

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