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Sweet Lee

Lee 1.17.16

At a little over a month old, tiny Lee was admitted to our Anhui Healing Home (AHH) in early January 2016. Lee was born with a dermoid cyst which formed a very large lump on his lower back. He underwent surgery to have the cyst removed and recovered well.

Lee post surgery 1.16

When he was strong enough to be discharged from the hospital, Lee entered AHH and has been living under the special care of the nannies there ever since.

Lee w nanny 2.16

Because Lee was very young and still feeling stress from his hospitalization, he did little else but eat and sleep after first arriving. He barely opened his eyes except for when he was being fed or having his diaper changed. Even during those times, he did not make much eye contact with his nannies and preferred to go right back to sleep.

After a little more time and a bit more growth, Lee started to respond more and more. It began with his feedings: he was given his bottle of 3 oz., which he quickly ate. Then, he noticed that he was still hungry and wanted more. He started protesting and crying when his bottle was finished because he wanted to keep eating. It’s a good sign of a growing little boy!

Lee 2.16

Lee has now been at AHH for two months. He spends more and more time awake and is expressive toward his caregivers. During Chinese New Year, he heard the fireworks nearby and was startled; he wanted to be held and comforted because he was a little scared.

Lee smiling 3.16

Most of the time, Lee is quiet and still likes to sleep, but now when he is awake, he loves to be held and is very happy when his nanny picks him up and carries him around. He has many more expressions and great eye contact with his caregivers now that he is growing beyond the newborn infant stage. His nannies are now able to get him to smile by lightly brushing his cheeks. He has been putting on weight because he likes to eat and his little cheeks are starting to get chubby!

With his easy smile and sweet disposition, Lee makes a great addition to the group at Anhui Healing Home.

Lee is in need of sponsors who can make a real difference in his life by funding his special care. Sponsors will receive regular updates and photos of this little sweetie.

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