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Sweet Moon Baby: An Adoption Tale

It’s amazing what can come out of small deeds of kindness. When Elena Doyle, the coordinator of LWB’s True Children’s Healing Home, picked up a copy of “Sweet Moon Baby: An Adoption Tale” to read to her two children, she was enchanted by the illustrations and moved by the beautiful, lyrical telling of one child’s adoption story.

Elena was so inspired that she contacted the author, Karen Henry Clark, by Facebook to congratulate her. A conversation began, and Karen offered to sign and donate four copies of her book to help support Love Without Boundaries! The first four people who make a donation of $50 or more to healing homes and specify “Sweet Moon Baby” in the notes will receive a signed copy of “Sweet Moon Baby: An Adoption Tale.”

Karen tells us a bit more about what inspired her to write this special book:

Our daughter was eleven months old when we adopted her from China, and I wanted to give her a story to fill the mystery of her early life. When her first English word was “moon,” I had my inspiration. I looked at her favorite toys and wondered how they, too, might have figured into her life in China. SWEET MOON BABY is a modern fairy tale about two journeys that really happened. After reading the book to a school, an adopted Chinese kindergarten girl announced she was the REAL Sweet Moon Baby. It is my most meaningful review because I realized the story’s importance to the heart of a child. Nothing could be better.

Karen and her daughter Maggie at a book launch party for “Sweet Moon Baby.”

Don’t miss out on your chance to have an autographed copy of what we think will become a classic in adoption picture books!

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