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Our first baby to have surgery has returned to the cleft home, while she waits for her friend to be discharged from Anhui Children’s Hospital.

Doesn’t she look tickled pink to be back?

Our home manager reports that she can lift her head while lying on her tummy on the carpet. She can hold toys with both hands. She got two teeth this week and she is still happy! She is babbling and likes you to speak to her. Her repaired lip will help to improve her language ability. Thank you to her surgical sponsors for giving her this gift!

Stay tuned for more new smiles shortly!

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  • Kelly Green says:

    Keep up this amazing work!! You are all such amazing gifts to these beatiful children!
    The Greens

  • Walker says:

    What a Beautiful Smile!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    It’s sooo great to see these babies thriving and doing well! Give them Big ((Hugs))!