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Sweet Prince Brenden

Brenden has the personality of a prince. In choosing his English name, our nutrition and orphanage assistance program director was right on with the name Brenden, which means “prince.” A prince can be defined as an “outstanding man,” and we know that Brenden certainly is outstanding!

With a personality of gold, Brenden lets things roll off of his back. Of course, that is not to say he does not shed a few tears to make his point known sometimes, but generally he has a mild temperament and loves to smile.

He may be shy at first, but one piece of cookie will make you his fast friend! Brenden just loves a cookie, and he gobbles them up as quickly as they can be handed to him. The nannies say, “When he finishes the cookie in his right hand, he starts to eat the cookie in the left hand and pulls out the right hand for more at the same time.” They also observe him making other children happy by giving them toys when they cry and say that “he tends to forget the unhappy things and become smiley again.”

This sweet prince is three years old and from Gaoming, Guangdong Province. He has a diagnosis of mild cerebral palsy and is available for adoption through the Waiting Child Program.

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  • Cheryl says:

    Our daughter is from Gaoming. We visited this past April & I have pictures of sweet prince Brenden! He is a cutie!