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The Heart of An Orphan: An Anniversary Gift

This week marks the beginning of LWB’s 15th year of working to change the lives of orphaned and impoverished children. In appreciation for everyone who supports us and makes our work possible, we are making the Kindle version of “The Heart of An Orphan” available for free until September 2.

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The Heart of an Orphan

Have you ever wondered about the story behind Love Without Boundaries?  Our new book, The Heart of an Orphan, tells the story of how one tiny baby in China born with heart disease inspired a movement which became Love Without Boundaries.

In this book, founder and CEO Amy Eldridge offers her personal insight into the many complex issues surrounding orphan care, abandonment, international aid, and adoption and shares many personal stories about her years of working with orphaned and impoverished families in China. Read more.

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Wisdom Wednesdays: Celebrating Your Child’s Culture

When we adopted our older daughter in 2007, my husband and I felt really lucky to have so many resources available to us. We live just outside a major city with a thriving Chinatown. We have Chinese restaurants, celebrations in Chinatown, and several Chinese schools in our backyard. What we quickly came to realize was that we needed to have Chinese culture in our home — not just next to it. Here are three of the main ways we have incorporated culture into our home.

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My daughter is a voracious reader which is why as a sixth grade student, she still receives books from beloved former teachers via the back packs of little brothers and sister.  Recently, Miss S., a first grade teacher, sent home an interesting book titled Barkbelly with our youngest for my sixth grader to read. Since it was sitting on the counter after all the kids had rushed off to school, I picked it up and read the first page…and didn’t stop until about page 50 or so because the story picked me up and carried me away just like that.

Cat Wetherill is magnificent as an author and spinner of this yarn.  Barkbelly, a wooden boy who begins life in an egg, is unknowingly dropped in a field and hatches into a old fashioned Grimm-like fairy tale world complete with an woodsmen and wife longing for a child, a quest, Dickensian factory work, a traveling circus and supernatural hedgehogs. As I read the story, I felt as though I was sitting at a campfire under the spell of a master story teller, keeping my eyes open so that I wouldn’t miss a single detail. What I didn’t expect in the fairy tale’s unfolding was a rather interesting and bumpy adoption tale.
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